GalleyChat Roundup, August, 2020

Of the 200+ titles getting attention during last week’s GalleyChat, the largest number are set for release in October. Generally a strong publishing month, it’s even more so this year, due to the number of titles that were rescheduled from the spring because of the pandemic.

One of the most discussed titles is one that effectively reflects the sense of free-floating anxiety brought on by the pandemic, Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam, (HarperCollins/Ecco, 10/6/2020; LibraryReads deadline, 9/1/10). In an interview with the HarperCollins library marketing team, Alam notes that he too, is unsettled by the “eerie resonance” of the novel with this particular time, especially since he wrote it before the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests. However, he notes, it’s the task of the artist to “distill what is in the air” and he feels we have been had a sense of “disjointed discomfort …for quite some time.” To achieve that resonance, he used the form of the thriller, to give the book “a sense of momentum, to feel propulsive and frightening so the reader could occupy the place that the characters occupy of not entirely understanding what is happening to them.” GalleyChatters attest that he achieved his goal. Hollywood has also taken notice. Last month, Netflix announced plans for a film adaptation, starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts.

Below are roundups of the full August, 2020 chat:

GalleyChat August 2020 — downloadable spreadsheet, including notes on which titles are getting the most attention, debuts, diversity titles, those that made their first appearance during this chat, and LibraryReads deadlines. NOTE: to save time in creating this wrap up, we have not included quotes from GalleyChat tweets. To read the full chat, search Twitter by #ewgc. For tweets on specific titles, search Twitter using #ewgc and the title or author’s name.

—  Edelweiss catalog — includes covers, publisher marketing information, and links to Edelweiss DRCs.

— Also check our list of Upcoming Diversity Titles for LibraryReads Consideration

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