GalleyChat Roundup, May 2020

Last week’s GalleyChat seemed as lively as ever, even though many chatters complain of finding it difficult to concentrate on reading these days. Several say they find that romances, particularly rom-coms, offer some relief from constant blaring headlines. In what may be a similar phenomenon, at the end of WWII, the historical romance Forever Amber, became a runaway hit in the US, notes the BBC in a recent story.

On the other hand, current events bring attention to things we may never have considered before. GalleyChatter Robin Beerbower found herself absorbed by a nonfiction title, The Secret Life of Groceries by Benjamin Lorr, (PRH/Avery, Oct. 2020).

To read all the tweets search Twitter with the hashtag, #ewgc. To focus on a specific title, use the hashtag and the title or author’s name.

Below are roundups of the May, 2020 chat, in two versions:

EarlyWord GalleyChat, May 2020 — downloadable spreadsheet includes comments from GalleyChatters, and LibraryReads deadlines (if you are voting for LibraryReads, also check our list of  Diversity Titles, Upcoming, LibraryReads Consideration). NOTE: to save time in creating this wrap up, we have not included information on which titles are available as DRCs through Edelweiss and/or NetGalley.

—  Edelweiss Catalog — includes covers, publisher marketing information, links to Edelweiss DRCs.

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