Latest Pub Date Changes, Diversity and GalleyChat Titles

UPDATE: New changes in pub dates since the 4/20 list, are here New-date-changes-as-of-4/23/20

Since publication schedules are changing rapidly, we checked GalleyChat titles, as well as those on our list of Upcoming Diversity Titles, for those with new LibraryReads voting deadlines.

Among the many changes is ALA MidWinter opening speaker Wes Moore’s upcoming title, Five Days, moved from April to August, extending its eligibility for LibraryReads voting through July 1 (votes already entered will still be counted).

Our list of all the changes we could identify, based on Edelweiss information is here, EarlyWord GC/Diversity-Date-Changes-4.20

More titles for LibraryReads consideration are listed on our roundups of the most recent GalleyChat, available as a downloadable spreadsheet, EarlyWord-GalleyChat-April-2020 and an Edelweiss Catalog. The deadline to vote for June titles, is next Friday. Please give consideration to our list of Upcoming Diversity Titles

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