Publishing Date Shifts, More Time for LibraryReads Nominations

Publishing schedules are being blown apart as publishers continue to grapple with changes brought on by the pandemic. As an indicator, one of the titles recently announced on the April LibraryReads list will now be published in July:

Downing, Samantha, He Started It, (PRH/Berkley, 7/28/2020; DRCs on Edelweiss and NetGalley)

The title will stay on the list, says LibraryReads Executive Director, Rebecca Vnuk. For the May list, LibraryReads is working with publishers and will accodomate date changes reported by April 13.

To get a sense of the scope of changes, we reviewed the LJ Spring Preview: Big Titles, on Edelweiss, for titles scheduled to be released between April 1 and June 30. Of the 676 titles, 106 now show as moving into upcoming seasons. To avoid the fall pile-up some titles have even been put off until the beginning of the new year. Bill Gates’s How to Avoid a Climate Disaster (PRH/Random House Knopf) is one of those, moved from June to February, a grim reminder that once we “get through this” other disasters may be developing.

Libraries on fiscal year budgets will face a juggling act, as many titles have been moved to dates after July 1. Our list of changed dates is here, LJ Spring Preview Pub Date Changes As of 4.2, but this is only a snapshot. Many more titles are likely to be changed in the next week.

Several titles from GalleyChats and our list of Upcoming Diversity Titles have moved forward, giving additional time to vote for them for LibraryReads (don’t worry, if you have already voted for a title that has been moved, that vote still counts). The compiled list is here, GalleyChat.Diversity-Titles

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