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GalleyChat Roundup, Nov. 2019

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

More than 200 upcoming titles were discussed during last week’s GalleyChat,

Summaries of the chat, below, for collection development, readers advisory, and LibraryReads consideration:

EarlyWord GalleyChat, Nov, 2019 — downloadable spreadsheet, useful for creating ordering carts, includes comments from GalleyChatters, information on which titles are available as DRCs through Edelweiss and/or NetGalley, and LibraryReads deadlines.

Edelweiss Catalog — includes covers, publisher marketing information, links to Edelweiss DRCs.

Please join us for the next GalleyChat, Tues., Dec. 3rd, 4 to 5 pm ET (3:30 for virtual cocktails). More details and a schedule of upcoming chats here.

Set your calendar alarms and bring a friend.

HOT Title Pub Date changed from Jan to March

Russell, Kate Elizabeth, My Dark Vanessa, (HarperCollins/Morrow, 3/10), LibraryReads nominations due 12/1/19; DRC available from Edelweiss and NetGalley

Those looking forward to the public’s response to this thought-provoking debut, will have to wait a couple more months. HarperCollins Library Marketing noted that the pub. date has been moved from January to March.

The book, which now has nearly 100 “Much Loves” on Edelweiss, has been heavily discussed on GalleyChat since June.

The comments from this month’s chat capture readers’ responses:

Janet Lockhart, “An unflinching portrayal of a young girl navigating the aftermath of a devastating relationship. Brilliant and unforgettable.”

Robin B, “Intense, disturbing, and compelling. I smell a blockbuster”

RedheadFangirl, “had to read this after the buzz! – really compelling #metoo story but unexpected how she believes this was a love story & not the victim.”

Virginia Stanley, HarperCollins Library Marketing, “I know how you feel! It calls everything into question for the main character. She has to believe it was love. This book just wrung it out of me.”

Susan Balla, “Not sure how I feel about MY DARK VANESSA. Everyone disturbed me. I gave it 5 stars because it is a great book, but I felt like a traitor to my sex at times.”

And Kaite Stover summed up what is evident from the GalleyChat discussion, “Get your bookclubs ready to talk, (alot!} about MY DARK VANESSA @GinnyMcCoo.”

Heating up for February (LibraryReads Nominations Due Jan. 1)

[See the October GalleyChat Roundup for titles releasing in January. There’s still time tonominate them.]

Sosa, Mia, The Worst Best Man, (HarperCollins/Avon Trade pbk, 2/4), LibraryReads nominations due 1/1/19; DRC available from Edelweiss and NetGall

Sosa has published several romances, featuring strong Afro-Latinx women. This one marks the author’s move up from mass market to trade pbk.  GalleyChatters say they “love her hilarious romances,’ and “enemies-to-lovers” story  line.

Montimore, Margarita, Oona Out Of Order, (Macmillan/Flatiron; 2/25). LibraryReads nominations due 1/1/20; DRC available from NetGalley

Technically a debut (her earlier novel was self-published), this title has an intriguing premise. One New Years Eve, a 19-year-old woman finds herself turning 51 at the stroke of midnight. Every New Years thereafter, she skips to yet another age. GalleyChatters call it, “a quantum leap type story, but Oona hops from young woman in 1982 through her own life, showing up at different ages and having to put life pieces together. Full of love of music and thoughts on aging.”

Fowler, Therese Anne, A Good Neighborhood, (Macmillan/St. Martins, 2/4), LibraryReads nominations due 1/1/20; DRC available from NetGalley

GalleyChatters say “everyone is talking about” this story of “how a tree can tear apart an established neighborhood full of caring residents” and that it” will make you rethink what’s important.”