GalleyChat as Ordering Tool

We’ve long touted GalleyChat as a great way for librarians to prioritize their TBR lists. During last week’s chat, we learned that it’s also useful for anticipating public demand. As one librarian put it, “Honestly, just buy everything recommended here. These people read!” Another added, ” …librarians who don’t have time for a lot of acquisitions work could just go straight down the #ewgc list & not go wrong.”

Keep that in mind as you review the summaries of the titles discussed duing last week’s chat, in two versions:

EarlyWord GalleyChat, Jan. 2019— downloadable spreadsheet, with info. on which are available as DRCs through Edelweiss and/or NetGalley, notes from the tweets and LibraryReads deadlines

Edelweiss catalog — Same titles as above, but with covers and full publisher marketing information

Check your holds on the following soon to be released titles, one a debut and the other a second novel, a potential breakout. Heed comparisons to The Woman in the Window (which, by the way, was also touted early on GalleyChat),


Michaelides, Alex, The Silent Patient, (Macmillan/Celadon Books; 2/5/19), DRC Edelweiss, NetGalley

A debut that has had GalleyChatters buzzing for months, comparing it to The Woman In The Window. The author was just featured as a “hot-tipped” authors for 2019 by Ithe UK’s Observer. UPDATE: More librarians have chimed in. The Silent Patient is the favorite title on the LibraryReads list for February.

Ward, Annie, Beautiful Bad, (Harlequin/Park Row, 3/18/19) DRC Edelweiss, NetGalley

Holds are  “going crazy” in some areas for this title, also with The Woman In The Window comparisons.
You may not be familiar with the author, whose first book, The Making of June, appeared 17 years ago. As Publishers Weekly notes in its inspiring story about how the second novel cam to be, the first “fared as many debut novels do: good reviews, few sales.” On the other hand, the new book sparked a heated bidding war, which then continued to Hollywood. Film rights were acquired in Sept, The author will be featured at ALA in Seattle, United for Libraries Gala Author Tea, Sunday, January 27, 2–4 p.m.

Join us for the next GalleyChat on Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 4 to 5 pm ET (3:30 for virtual cocktails). Details here.

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