No Recipes Necessary

NPR’s The Salt features a book of photographs that chronicles the ways food has been consumed, styled, and presented since the 1800s. Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography by Susan Bright (Aperture) includes a wide range of images, from day-glow Jell-O designs to food in fashion and high art.

The NYT featured the book in the May 18th issue of T Magazine, discussing specific photos with the author and the editor, including one for the cover of a Crisco cookbook that grows “slightly sinister the more you look at it.”

While the book has been featured in sites such as the NYT and the British Journal of Photography, it was not widely reviewed and few libraries have purchased it.

Given the wide interest in food photography on social media, book is likely to  find a ready audience.

In the video below, Aperture editor Denise Wolf, previews of the book, making that point that, with the advent of digital cameras and social media, photography is now a part of the dining experience, making this a great time to look at the history of food photography.

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