The Newest DORK is a Boy

The team behind the best selling middle grade novels Dork Diaries, Rachel Renée Russell and her two daughters appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday, the release day for the second title in their new series,The Misadventures of Max Crumbly, Middle School Mayhem, (S&S/Aladdin).

Russell says she began Dork Diaries , about an awkward teen aged girl, when she “needed to jump-start” her career after “the house had been foreclosed on, cars had been repossessed” following a divorce. (Note: even though J.K. Rowling followed a similar path, writing childrens books is definitely not a guaranteed route to financial freedom). The 12th book in that series comes out in October. A film version is in development.

The Max Crumbly books are a bit of a departure in that the main character is a boy, but he is also a dork and is striving, as the Russells urge all their readers, to “Be The Hero You’ve Always Admired.”

During the interview the three women talk about how they work together and their hope that the humor in their new series will offer readers “a band-aid to help emotional wounds heal.”

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