Kevin Kwan Debuts on NYT List

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan (PRH/Doubleday; RH Audio/BOT OverDrive Sample) lands on the NYT Hardcover Fiction List this week at #12, marking the first time the author has hit the list.

Rich People Problems concludes Kwan’s trilogy which began with Crazy Rich Asians (in preproduction for a film adaptation). Both it and its sequel, China Rich Girlfriend (both from PRH), have been LA Times best sellers.

In this week’s “Inside the List” column, the NYT‘s writes “The aura of gaudy glamour and bling in these books may seem like the stuff of soap operas, but it’s essentially true to the world in which Kwan was raised — so much so, he has said, that his relatives have no interest in reading his work.”

That is fine Kwan, who says of his audience, “I think people who are going to pick up a book called Crazy Rich Asians or Rich People Problems are looking for the fun and the froth; they’re looking for an escape. They’re looking for it to be like a fun romp into the lifestyles of the rich and famous … They’re not looking for Cormac McCarthy.”

The novel has made a number of summer reading lists, including Janet Maslin’s list for the NYT Books To Breeze Through This Summer” and the Associated Press Summer Reading 2017 list.

Holds are topping 5:1 in some locations for the third book but they are active for the earlier two titles as well. With new readers discovering the series, it is a good time to check your holdings of the previous titles.

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