Midwinter ’14: The Procrastinators Guide

Midwinter 2014

It seems to always happen this way. Just as you begin to face the list of the things you put off until after the holidays, you suddenly realize that you haven’t put together your Midwinter schedule.

No worries; check the stories below for some tips on what to look for:

Midwinter ’14: Author Events

Midwinter ’14: Get Those Galleys

Midwinter ’14: LibraryReads Program

I hear a some of you grumbling (with a strong hint of envy) that you’re not going to Philly. Don’t let that get you down; do your own private walk through the aisles and avoid the crowds. Check out the authors featured on programs and in the booths (such as Penguin’s listing and the list of titles publishers will highlight during the “Spotlight on Adult Literature“). Look for egalleys of those books on Edelweiss or Netgalley (for the print inclined, email requests for copies to the library marketers; check our links on the right, under “Publisher Contacts”).

Whether you’re heading to Philly or not, you’ll get a great preview of the upcoming publishing season.

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