Remember when the Wall Street Journal caused and uproar by publishing a “Saturday Essay” that began the Tiger Mom controversy and launched a best seller?

9781594204753They’re at it again. This week’s “Saturday Essay” is titled “Take Back Your Pregnancy.” The author, economist Emily Oster, uses her background to analyze the data behind the list of rules pregnant women are given. As a result, she decided to continue to drink coffee and an occasional glass of wine during her own pregnancy. She also became less obsessed with weight gain.

Her book, Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong – and What You Really Need to Know (Penguin Press; Blackstone Audio) will be released on August 20.

Expect to see more from the media-savvy Oster (she’s known for her TED talk in which she used her background to debunk accepted knowledge about AIDS in Africa).

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