Kate DiCamillo’s Next

Flora and UlyssesThe number one hot galley for children’s librarians at BEA was Kate DiCamillo’s Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures, illustrated by K.G. Campbell, coming in September from Candlewick (also, Listening Library).

Betsy Bird, NYPL librarian and author of SLJ’s Fuse 8 blog, had this to say about  it when I ran into her on the show floor,

“Squirrels, to my mind, are the least lauded and most deserving city animal dwellers I know of. Mo Willems may have created the ultimate pigeon and there are few rats to compare with Templeton, but squirrels have few icons and fewer fans. I expect all that to change with the advent of Flora & Ulysses. Pithy and poignant, smart and good, this is a story that will allow you to fall in love with those chattering, perpetually hungry, tree denizens all over again.”

DiCamillo recevied the Kerlan Award at the University of Minnesota on Saturday.

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