Cover of the first edition

Kristen Stewart, star of the Twilight series, is rumored to have landed the lead in an adaptation of  William Styron’s 1951 classic, Lie Down in Darkness, to be directed by Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart). New York magazine’s “Vulture blog,” broke the story. There is some dispute about whether it is true, causing ‘Vulture” to add a defense of their reporting. “Vulture” also notes that Jennifer Lawrence was hoping to nab the role.

Lie Down in Darkness was Styron’s first novel, about a Virginia family coming together for the funeral of their young daughter, Peyton Loftis, who has committed suicide.

An eBook version of the book, along with Styron’s other works, was published by Open Road Itegratd Media in 2010 and is available on OverDrive and B&T’s Axis360. The movie is being produced by Jeffrey Sharp, founder, along with Jane Friedman, of Open Raod.


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