Best Books Teasers

Library Journal‘s Top Ten Books of 2011 will be unveiled on Nov. 17. Counting down to the big day, daily guest posts by librarians of their own top picks are being featured on LJ‘s refreshingly readable new Reviews site. In the first post, Lauren Gilbert, head of community services at the Sachem Public Library, NY, gives a passionate recommendation for National Book Award Finalist, The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt, (WW Norton, 9/26).

Will the librarians’ picks differ from the editors’? We suspect they will skew more towards titles that are fun to read and recommend.

The official LJ Best Books list will debut in two installments on the 11/17 and 12/1 LJBookSmack newsletter, followed by Best Media (audiobooks, DVDs, games, and music) in the 12/15 issue.

On the Publishers Weekly‘s site, the editors are blogging about their favorites, leading up to the release of their list on Monday.

UPDATE, 12/21:

We’re happy to announce that our annual spreadsheets, rounding up all the titles in the national best books lists, with ISBN’s and information on additional formats — audio, large print, and eformats from OverDrive — are now available for downloading and checking against your collections.

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