Condi Has Her Say

The cover of the new issue of Newsweek is devoted to a preview and excerpts from Condoleezza Rice’s forthcoming memoir, No Higher Honor (Crown, 11/1/11).

The New York Times also managed to get its hands on a copy and also offers an unauthorized take on the embargoed title. Of all the books so far by members of the Bush administration, says the NYT reporter, this one is  “the most expansive record of those eight years by any of the leading participants,” since it is over 700 pages long and focuses only on Rice’s time in office. While Rice “bristled at memoirs by Mr. Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, which criticized her management of the National Security Council in the first term and her efforts to increase diplomacy in the second term” says the NYT, “For the most part…Ms. Rice defends the most controversial decisions of the Bush era, including the invasion of Iraq.”

CBS News covered the Newsweek excerpts.

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