What? Libraries Lend eBooks?

Many libraries are now displaying the image on the left on their Web site home pages.

News sources are spreading the word. The story in today’s print New York Times, points out, “For years the availability of free e-books from libraries was something of an underground secret.”

No more, thanks to Amazon’s ability to get press attention. Libraries are now struggling to keep up with the increased demand.

The OverDrive update is in the midst of a roll out, which will be completed in a few days, so many libraries have to explain to customers that they can’t take the words “now available in over 11,000 libraries” at face value (have any of you posted “coming soon” notices on your sites?). In addition, not all titles are available; as OverDrive says on its blog, the update allows, “most existing eBooks in your library’s collection to be read on all Kindle devices.”

Several stories offer how-tos for users (including the reminder that a library card is required):

PCWorld — Borrowing Kindle E-Books: A Hands-On Guide

CNet — How to get free library books on your Kindle

The Seattle Times — Photo guide: How to check out Kindle library books

One Response to “What? Libraries Lend eBooks?”

  1. Maggie Says:

    We’ve been up & running with Kindle eBooks since High Noon on Sept 21. Feedback we are hearing is that it is so EASY to download to the Kindles. Yeah. We are very grateful to Overdrive for making our eBook collection accessible to many more library customers.