GalleyChat Tomorrow

Join us for GalleyChat tomorrow at 4 p.m. Eastern (details here).

As prep, check out GalleyChat regular Lesa Holstine’s previews of upcoming titles on her Web site:

June’s Treasures in My Closet

June’s Hot Titles

Lesa has us intrigued by Daisy Goodwin’s debut, The American Heiress and the author’s presentation, below, seals the deal. Happily, both PW and LJ say the book delivers. PW calls it  “a propulsive story of love, manners, culture clash, and store-bought class from a time long past that proves altogether fresh.” In a starred review, LJ recommends it for book clubs.

Note: the book is called My Last Duchess in the UK; both that title and the British cover are featured in the video.

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