Oprah and Franzen

Oprah and Jonathan Franzen went from estranged to potential BFF’s on her show yesterday (New York magazine’s “Vulture” blog describes the sit down, along with video clips).

The greatest excitement, however, came when Oprah gave everyone in the audience a Kindle (hey, guys, it’s not a car!) Ironically, that moment came right after Oprah talked about the beauty of the “special, deluxe” Penguin edition of the next Book Club pick, Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations, and declared, “You can pass it on to your grandchildren, because books DO matter. We’re still going to be holding books in our hands for years to come.”

The actual book discussion was reserved for the after show interview, featuring an all-male book club (Oprah claimed she’d never heard of such a thing, but Franzen said they aren’t that rare).

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