Good timing; Nicole Krauss’ Great House, was announced as a National Book Award finalist this week and is featured on the cover of Sunday’s NYT Book Review, with a rave.

How much does her new novel, Great House, resemble its predecessor [The History of Love]? The good news is: very much indeed. And the good news is also: not so very much.

Who is the perfect reviewer for the new bio of Mickey Mantle, The Last Boy? The Book Review picks Keith Olbermann, who was a sports caster before he moved into the game of politics. He says that author Jane Leavy’s novel approach, “…refreshes and underscores the facts and patterns of a life, and enables [her] to connect the dots in new and disturbing ways.” It’s now at #10 on Amazon sales rankings.

In Children’s Books, the review of Lane Smith’s It’s a Book carries the brilliant headline, iRead.

In best sellers, Michael Connelly’s The Reversal (also reviewed in Marilyn Stasio’s crime column in the same issue) shots to #1 on the Hardcover Fiction list, moving Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants to #2.

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