No More Lame Library Videos

You may have seen the Old Spice Guy video. Now, he has competition, from a library promo video.

Earlier, the Old Spice Guy tried his hand at promoting libraries. Nice try, but we’d rather look at the New Guy.

The New Spice Guy video appears on Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library web site, as well as on YouTube, where it’s received over 1.3 million hits since it was posted last week. It was made by the library’s multimedia production crew (here’s hoping they don’t get hired away). You can see more HBLL Productions on their YouTube channel,  A BYU’s news release says that the New Spice Guy is Stephen Jones, a senior studying psychology and president of BYU’s stand-up comedy club.

Here’s hoping The New Spice Guy signals the end of lame library videos

Now, let’s work on ending lame book trailers.

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