David Sedaris is a master of the audio format, so it’s no wonder that he is also a fan.

On the New Yorker Book Bench blog last week, he writes about his favorite audios, a slim selection of four from all time, that achieve the perfect match of both material and narrator. Among his choices are the entire Harry Potter series, but the British version, featuring Stephen Fry a narrator, rather than the American favorite, Jim Dale. The idea of Elaine Stritch reading Dorothy Parker had us salivating, but, sadly, it is no longer available.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of tasty titles on these best audios of 2009 lists:

3 Responses to “Audiophiles”

  1. Krystina Says:

    I vote for “The Graveyard Book” read by the author, Neil Gaiman. Made it all the more enjoyable.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Here’s a great bit from NPR done by Neil Gaiman who is also a huge audiophile. He interviews Sedaris, Martin Jarvis, and an audiobook publishing exec.

  3. Jackie Says:

    Oops, I should have put the link in here: