Stephenie Meyer on Oprah

In case you missed it, here’s Oprah’s interview with Stephenie Meyer on Friday:

Part One

Part Two

In this section, Bolivar Middle School librarian & kids, via Skype, say that Twilight has “created a culture of literacy” among the students:

You may have noticed that the promo to the last segment of the interview promises an answer to the burning question, “Will There Be a Fifth Twilight Book?” Oprah never asks that question (an oversight so great that Entertainment Weekly had to investigate).

Fortunately, in the following “Behind the Scenes” interview, Meyer answers the question, but with an unsatisfying “maybe.” Another completely different book is “itching” in the back of her head. Stephenie’s mom is on her daily to go back to Midnight Sun, which tells the Twilight story from Edward’s point of view. She abandoned it after a draft was leaked on the Web.

Earlier, Meyer told Oprah that her mother is a strong influence (she told her to change the ending of Twilight and “she was right, as usual”), so fans can hope.

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