WSJ on Books to Movies

Today’s Wall Street Journal notes that, as we’ve been saying for some time, a number of the big fall movies are based on books.

The WSJ explains it this way,

Hollywood is racing to adapt novels, comics, and children’s stories, as the ability of movie stars to draw audiences wanes. Popular books, with built-in fan bases, pose less risk for Hollywood studios trying to eke out a profit in a tough economic climate.

I don’t buy that; a movie needs a much larger audience than most books can deliver. Few books deliver fan bases the size of those for Twilight or the Da Vinci Code.

In most cases, it’s the books that gain from the movies; Mastering the Art of French Cooking became a #1 best seller AFTER Meryl Streep portrayed Julia Child in Julie & Julia.

Just don’t tell Hollywood.

We’re tracking the various book to movie projects (listed under Books to Movies links, at the right) in the following:

Links to available trailers for current and upcoming movies based are books are available to the right, under “Book to Movies — Trailers.” Check out the one for Where the Wild Things Are.

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