A full month before the release of Spike Jonze’s movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, this Sunday’s NYT Magazine profiles the filmmaker and his seven-year journey to completing the film (Bringing ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ to the Screen, by Saki Knafo).

As anyone might have guessed, with Spike Jonze in charge (he directed Being John Malkovich and Adpatation, as well as several ground-breaking skateboarding and music videos), this would not be an ordinary children’s movie. Anyone might have guessed it, except, amazingly, the studio heads. Initially unhappy with the result, they delayed the movie’s release for a year.

Feature writer Saki Knafo points out that Jonze is more interested in capturing a feeling than telling stories. As a result, every film or video he has produced has met with opposition. But, he also has a history of confounding his detractors and going on to win audiences and awards.

Will this happen again? Knafo seems to suggest the movie will find an older audience than expected, saying it “seems sure to appeal to the sensibilities of a certain cohort of urban young adults — the type who read comic-book novels and wear skateboard sneakers.”

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