The Point System

Librarians often have to confront the refusal of a book recommendation because it doesn’t have enough points or because it’s a brand-new book for which there is no test. In the NYT BR this week, Susan Straight, a writer, reader and mom expresses my concerns in a passionate, articulate essay; Reading By the Numbers.

2 Responses to “The Point System”

  1. Far From Zion » Reading like you’ve joined Weight Watchers Says:

    […] So I am loving the NY Times’ current series on “The Future of Reading.” As a writer and a librarian, I find it comforting to know that others spend as much (and, in truth, a lot more) time as I do thinking about reading. I especially loved this piece by the novelist Susan Straight on the problems of the Accelerated Reader program, which tries to assign point values to books so that children can be free to choose what they want to read as long as they get to the right number of points (thanks to Lisa Von Drasek for the link). […]

  2. public librarian Says:

    AR takes all of the art out of Readers Advisory. My public library does not catalog books in a way that includes their AR number. It’s so frustrating to find an interesting book for a student and then find out it isn’t in AR or doesn’t have enough points.