Twilight Fan Conventions

Just when you thought every possible Twilight promotional opportunity had been exploited; movie blogs are abuzz over the announcement of a series of “Official Twilight Fan Conventions.”

Eighteen events are on the schedule for next year, put together by the movie’s production company, Summit Entertainment and a company that produces fan events such the Official Star Trek Conventions, Creation Entertainment.

This is not completely new, but a continuation and expansion of Creation Entertainment’s “Twi Tour.”

The first “Official Twilight Fan Convention” will be held on August 28th in Parsippany, N.J. The conventions will feature appearances by Twilight stars, as well as “merchandising and photo opportunities.” Standing out from the makeup and dolls that will be on sale, is a potential boon to high school English teachers everywhere; the HarperTeen Twilight-inspired edition of “Bella & Edward’s Favorite Book” — Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte
Retail Price: $8.99
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen – (2009-10-01)
ISBN / EAN: 0061962252 / 9780061962257

And, a graphic biography of Stephenie Meyer

Female Force Bestsellers: Stephenie Meyer
Ryan Burton, Adam Gragg
Retail Price: $6.99
Paperback: 40 pages
Publisher: Bluewater Productions – (2009-10-28)
ISBN / EAN: 1427641846 / 9781427641847

As well as the manga version of Twilight, when it is finished.

For a satisfyingly snarky take on the conventions, check out the post at E! Online. Most other sites, however, suggest fans take several deep breaths to quell their excitement before reading the news.

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