NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday featured the third in British writer Sarah Dunant’s historical novels set in Renaissance Italy, Sacred Hearts.

As a result, all of the novels in the trilogy rose on Amazon:

The Birth of Venus — #166 (from 4,271); was on hardcover NYT fiction list for 9 weeks, and 7 more on the extended

In the Company of the Courtesan — #228 (8,450); was on the NYT fiction list for six weeks, plus 4 on the extended

Sacred Hearts — #40 (from 535)

Large libraries show a range of holds from heavy (231 on 33) to not so much (12 on 32).

Dunant is no stranger to enthusiastic reviews. Earlier this week, Brigitte Weeks explained why in the Washington Post,

In the Company of the Courtesan was entirely devoted to the platonic relationship between an elegant and tough-minded prostitute and her manager, a highly sophisticated dwarf. Given the unlikely subject matter, the novel’s international success cast welcome doubt on the publishing world’s conviction that only froth sells fiction and that romance can only succeed by starring two gorgeous protagonists.

Of the new book, Weeks says,

Dunant’s brilliant imagination is at its powerful best as she re-creates the routines, the crotchets and tiny details of convent life in 1570. The reader can hear the rustle of nuns’ habits and the murmur of their prayers.

The New Yorker blog, The Book Bench, also explained the books’ appeal,

Everyone praises Dunant’s ability to make the past come to life, citing her microscopic attention to “period detail” (for this book, she spent a week living in a convent near Milan) and her lively prose.

Sacred Hearts: A Novel
Sarah Dunant
Retail Price: $25.00
Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: Random House – (2009-07-14)
ISBN / EAN: 1400063825 / 9781400063826

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    I certainly thought SACRED HEARTS was a wonderful book and I hope it is very successful.