Making Book on the Booker

If you did a double-take when you saw Me Cheeta, the fake bio of a famous Hollywood chimp, on the Booker long list, you are not alone. Several newspapers have tried to figure out the unusual choice; the Guardian thinks it’s an attempt to not seem predictable, while the Times of London says the judges “always like to let you know that really they do have a sense of humour.”

Judging by Amazon sales rankings, the only title on the list to get a bump in US sales is Colm Toibin’s Brooklyn, which moved from #455 to #299. The book has been as high as #59 in the rankings and appeared on the NYT extended bestseller list for four weeks. It’s also been the most reviewed of the Booker titles published in the US and shows heavy holds in many libraries.

In the UK, J.M. Coetzee’s Summertime had the biggest sales increase, rising to #227 from #41,969 on rankings. It is also the favorite among British bettors, running 3 to 1, even though few have had the chance to read it, since it won’t be published until September in the UK and December in the US.

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