Borders Hearts Teens


It seems everyone is doing it, so why not a bookstore chain?

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Borders is targeting teens with special sections labeled “Borders Ink,” which combine teen books, graphic novels and related merchandise. Several have already opened in Borders’ Michigan stores. Showing lightning speed, the chain plans to have sections up and running in 80% ot 90% of their 513 superstores by the end of August.

Borders Ink also has a presence on Facebook.

The article notes that, in the midst of a general industry slump, YA, science fiction and fantasy are the few areas still showing growth.

One Response to “Borders Hearts Teens”

  1. Peggy Says:

    I wandered through this section at the Border’s in Portland Maine. It was impressive and brought together not just newer titles but some classics of YA fantasy. There were a fair number of teens browsing and sitting in easy chairs reading.
    I was impressed.