Frank McCourt; Appreciations

Frank McCourt died yesterday, days after his brother Malachy announced that he was in hospice and not expected to live much longer. In addition to the many obituaries (the best, as usual, is by  William Grimes in the NYT), more personal “appreciations” are also coming; including Lisa Schwarzbaum’s in Entertainment Weekly, about sharing a summer house with McCourt and his wife Ellen as he began writing Angela’s Ashes (Frank McCourt: Regular guy, extraordinary artist).

McCourt was also an extraordinary teacher, as evidenced by the comments from former students on the NYT ArtsBeat blog.

Readers are showing their appreciation by buying McCourt’s books (Angela’s Ashes went to #49 on Amazon in trade paper and #308 in hardcover; Teacher Man and ‘Tis also rose).

One Response to “Frank McCourt; Appreciations”

  1. Elita Says:

    So sad! I always count Angela’s Ashes as one of my all-time favorite books.