Students Mixed on E-Readers

Among the 200 students at Northwest Missouri State University who tried studying with e-books on the Sony Reader, there was a mixed response, The Wall St. Journal reports.  While some students liked the device, dozens dropped out, finding it awkward and inconvenient. Penn State found similar results last fall with 100 Sony Readers in honors English classes. 

In California, where governor Schwarzenegger is trying to get digital math and science textbooks into schools this fall, some districts have had positive results with e-texts. According to the Journal, “digital books have been used on PCs and in printouts in elementary-school science classes since 2007” at the Las Virgenes Unified School District in southern California. Las Virgenes schools superintendent Donald Zimring says he’s impressed by how quickly children engage with e-texts.

Meanwhile, educators are complaining about the expense of e-readers (which start at about $280) and the high cost of e-textbooks (very similar to the print equivalent). Sound familiar?

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