The Wall St. Journal profiles thriller writer George Dawes Green for the second time since last April, on the publication of Ravens, his first novel in 14 years. (The first profile focused equally on the new novel and Green’s success in creating the Moth, a travelling venue for actors and others telling true stories from their lives.)

As veteran librarians will remember, Green developed a large following in the 1990s with the Edgar award-winner The Caveman’s Valentine, and The Juror, a best seller in 22 countries; both books were made into Hollywood movies.

According to the Journal, “The new book aims to be realistic, right down to a chilling scene in which the lead character, Shaw McBride, plots his crime using various Web sites, including Facebook, MySpace and virtualbirdseye.com, which offers aerial views of everything from stadiums to houses.” Libraries we checked have solid numbers of copies on hand, but demand could sneak up.

George Dawes Green
Retail Price: $24.99
Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing – (2009-06-23)
ISBN / EAN: 9780446538961/ 0446538965

Available from Hachette Audio

  • $34.98; ISBN 9781600246258

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