RA Alert: Garner Does It Again

NYT daily reviewer Dwight Garner (who recently moved over from the NYT BR) today writes what will the second entry in the EarlyWord 2009 “Review That Most Makes You Want to Read the Book” award (including, not only the honor, but a HUGE prize, yet to be determined). The first entry was also by Garner.

In his review, Garner sums up Last Journey by Darrell Griffin this way,

…the most honest and gripping accounts of the Iraq war have come from low-ranking soldiers, not from generals. Last Journey joins that small shelf of serious books, thanks to a father with a native gift for the English language, one who gave his son the greatest gift a father can give: his avid and appreciative attention.

Libraries have ordered in small quantities. The PW review was largely positive, but said,

Darrell Sr. overquotes his son’s grandiose and not always cogent ideas about religion, philosophy and politics. But when the book sticks to Skip’s everyday impressions of the conflict, it presents a harrowing, unsanitized vision of the war and the toll it takes on our soldiers

Last Journey: A Father and Son in Wartime
Darrell Griffin Sr., Darrell “Skip” Griffin Jr.
Retail Price: $25.00
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Atlas – (2009-06-29)
ISBN / EAN: 193463316X / 9781934633168

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