Opening Tomorrow: Chéri and My Sisters Keeper

Two movies based on books are opening tomorrow. Unfortunately they get tepid responses from the July 6 issue of People; 1.5 of a possible 4 stars each.

My Sister’s Keeper, opens wide — a “maudlin weepie” according to People. The Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer gives it a 69% approval from 13 published reviews. No matter, the tie-in editions are already bestsellers (#1 on the upcoming NYT Mass Market paperback list AND #2 on the Trade Paperback list).

Chéri, opens in a limited number of theaters — People says the “costumes are so sumptuous, multi-layered and colorful, they resemble walking parfaits.” How could that be bad? Unfortunately, “the movie in which they are worn is not nearly as delicious.” The Tomatometer gives it a 53% approval from 34 reviews.

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