New York Times book critic Janet Maslin brings out the laurels for Ron Currie Jr.’s debut novel Everything Matters! It’s an unusual title and prepub reviewers clearly didn’t get it. The book follows a strange young man from his Maine childhood, in which other kids and his teachers shun him, to his Forrest Gump-like adulthood wandering perilously close to places like Oklahoma City around the timing of the bombing. Libraries show modest reserves against low numbers of copies, but several libraries have up to 20 copies on order.

Maslin calls Currie,

“a startlingly talented writer whose book will pay no heed to ordinary narrative conventions. His thoughts on cosmic doom somehow take the form of a joyride. He survives the inevitable, apt comparisons to Kurt Vonnegut and writes in a tenderly mordant voice of his own. He seems equipped to succeed at almost anything, in fact, except giving his books decent titles.”

Everything Matters!: A Novel
Jr., Ron Currie
Price: $25.95
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Viking Adult – (2009-06-25)
ISBN-10: 0670020923
ISBN-13: 9780670020928

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