Reading Group Survey Results

RG Survey

One of our favorite sites,, has just released the results of an extensive survey of reading groups from around the country. Nearly 8,000 people filled out a 62-question survey. Thanks to all you EarlyWorders who heeded our call to be part of the study!

Reading group organizers will smile with recognition at some of the responses. What’s the biggest complaint about reading groups? “Not staying on track” (36.7%). What else? “One person dominates the conversation” (12.2%).

One of the changes that groups say they have instituted recently is “limiting selections to books found in the library.” (12.7%)

In fact, as you read through the study, it is clear that libraries are an extremely important part of the reading group community. Libraries are the top of the list of places where group members go to get their books. Library “bags of books” are mentioned often as well as librarians as good sources for book recommendations and 14% of the groups meet in libraries (53.6% meet in member’s homes and 11.5% in cafes or restaurants).

As to the use of  technology, 14.5% use a website for organizing the group and another 16.7% would like to set one up. Over half use Facebook.

What would they like to see in the future? By a huge margin, they would like a place online to find out what other groups are reading.

Link here to read the full report.  Share it with your reading group members (especially that person who dominates conversation!)

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