WSJ’s Mossberg On the Kindle DX

The Kindle DX, announced last month, goes on sale this week. The Wall Street Journal‘s gadget maven, Walter Mossberg writes about road testing the device in today’s WSJ. His verdict is in the headline; “The Latest Kindle: Bigger, Not Better, Than Its Sibling

For standard books, Mossberg suggests sticking with the “smaller, more comfortable Kindle.” But, as he points out, the new Kindle is meant for other types of reading. It is “targeted at three markets: textbooks, newspapers and other periodicals, and business documents in either Microsoft’s Word format or Adobe’s PDF format.”

He found the result for business documents mixed and for newspapers, “annoying.” He wasn’t able to test college textbooks on the device, but thinks this may be the “killer app” for the DX, since “Many already are so expensive and heavy they could make the weight and price of the Kindle DX seem trivial in comparison.”



Meanwhile, Library Journal reports on a pilot test of Kindles for ILL purposes at Brigham Young University. Again, as LJ reported in an earlier story, Amazon’s responses to requests for permission to lend the device are conflicting.

One Response to “WSJ’s Mossberg On the Kindle DX”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I think the Kindle DX has real potential for academics as it can store and display full text pdfs of journal articles. I’m thinking of getting one for my husband (a professor) who loves the idea of reading magazines and being able to have all his articles in one place that he can carry with him all the time. He gets tired of reading from and carrying around his laptop everywhere.