THE Book of BEA

Given the number of books published each season, it’s rare that a single book emerges as THE book of a particular show. This year’s BEA is the exception. Although the show had a particularly strong lineup of new offerings,  a single title was on everyone’s lips; Stitches, the graphic memoir by David Small. This might also be considered a watershed for the acceptance of the graphic format.

Barbara Hoffert, Book Review Editor for Library Journal, was one of the first to highlight it, as one of her “Six Must-Get BEA Giveaways.” It was the top pick by librarians at Saturday’s “Shout and Share” program (this new event brought libraians together to share their favorites from the show; we will have a complete roundup of the titles from the program, along with a spreadsheet you can use for ordering, on Wednesday).

By the time I made it to the Norton booth to try to snare a copy, they were long gone, so I have to rely on what others were saying about the book. RA maven, Kaite Stover, (Kansas City PL. She also writes for NoveList and Booklist and does frequent workshops on RA and book groups) could not stop talking about it. Caldecott medalist David Small writes about his own childhood in this book for adults, and what a childhood it was. His father, a radiologist, literally experimented on him. As a result, he contracted throat cancer. Surgery to remove the cancer resulted in his being unable to speak. Small left home at sixteen to escape his uncaring parents and to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist.

UPDATE: A preview of Stitches is available at Thanks, Steve, for pointing it out; now I see why people are raving about it and now I WANT THE WHOLE BOOK!

Stitches: A Memoir
David Small
Price: $23.95
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co. – (2009-09-08)
ISBN-10: 0393068579
ISBN-13: 9780393068573

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  1. Steve Says:

    Sorry to hear the Norton booth had been cleaned out by the time you made your way over there. Until we can get you a copy, you can read a preview of STITCHES on