OverDrive Announces iPod Breakthrough!

We thought we’d never see the day, given the labyrinthian issue of digital rights protection, Apple compatibility and several publishers’ reluctance to make their audios available without DRM for library borrowing, but OverDrive made this announcement yesterday,

…digital audiobook catalogs from leading publishers will be compatible with iPod® and other Apple® devices after a simple upgrade of OverDrive’s free, easy-to-use audiobook software…Participating publishers include Random House Audio, Hachette Audio, Penguin Audio, BBC Audiobooks America, Brilliance Audio, Tantor Media, and many more.

Beginning in mid-June, OverDrive’s “Transfer Wizard” will enable iPod compatibility. According to OverDrive’s David Burleigh, “A simple software upgrade is all it takes to allow the transfer of thousands of additional bestsellers to the popular media player.”

This seems like a win-win for all parties. Publishers will still have Digital Rights Management software and libraries can now offer audios for the most popular listening device.

Tell your teens that they will soon be able to download Twilight from the library to their iPods!

The full press release is available here.

One Response to “OverDrive Announces iPod Breakthrough!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    This an exciting development…. unless you own a mac. After carefully reading the full release, as best I can determine, most Overdrives audios will still not work with mac computers. It’s still not a win for me and I consider it only a half win for ipod users as many also use Apple computers.