Listen Up, E-Reader Makers!

Following librarians on Twitter can point the way to some smart blog posts one might not otherwise discover. A recent post on, for example, details the failure of e-book reader companies such as Amazon, Sony, Mobipocket and Ebooks to consider libraries as viable customers, and demands they treat libraries better on three counts:

(1) Write a terms of service exclusively for libraries. Stop ignoring libraries and start embracing us for the information and technology educators that we are.

(2) Write a service contract in which you provide us with devices and materials which we can then lend to patrons. (Leave it to us as to how we make them financially responsible for borrowing the readers.)

(3) You profit both literally and through increased exposure for your product to the public who might not otherwise be interested in your e-book reader. We profit with increased patronage, circulation numbers, and overall system usage statistics. It is a win-win-win for us, you, and our patrons.

The author, “AndyW,” a librarian for the Burlington County Library System in New Jersey, writes a blog, Agnostic, Maybe, where the story also appeared. is a collaborative blog about the world of Library and Information Science that was founded in 1999 by Blake Carver, who works as a librarian in Western New York State.

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