Mystery Title from Little, Brown

Librarians have been wondering about an untitled book from Little, Brown with a 150K print run that appeared on B&T’s Fast Facts last month, with the following blurb:

This is a scientific discovery that is currently embargoed until it is announced at a major press conference and a documentary on History channel that will air on 5/20. This discovery will change textbooks, science, and change how we understand the human race.

The promised press conference was held in New York City today, revealing that a 47-million-year-old fossil, that may be the missing link, has been discovered in Germany (thanks to Cindy Orr for pointing this out on The Readers Advisor Online Blog). Called “Ida,” the fossil was actually uncovered in 1984, but, according to the Daily Mail (UK),  “the collector who put her on his wall had no idea of her significance.”

Objecting to the hype surrounding the unveiling, the Guardian tut-tutted about

…the desperate, unseemly scramble to grab some of the action. In a display that was utterly primatal, figures as varied as the mayor of New York and the higher education minister of Norway made sure they were front and centre stage.

The most sublime image was of Michael Bloomberg standing beside Ida’s glass box, his arm around the shoulders of a school girl who was wearing a T-shirt with the TV tie-in logo: “The Link. This changes everything”. 

The History Channel will air a documentary, called The Link, on Monday, Memorial Day, at 9 pm ET/PT. There is also a Web site on the find;

The mystery title from Little, Brown releases tomorrow:

The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor
Colin Tudge, Josh Young
Price: $25.99
Hardcover: 262 pages
Publisher: Little Brown and Company – (2009-05-20)
ISBN-10: 0316070084
ISBN-13: 9780316070089

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  1. Elita Says:

    Good investigative work. I ordered this a while back while it was still “Untitled” and didn’t have anyone’s name attached.