For Fans of Darling Jim

If you’re a fan of the engrossing first novel by Christian Moerk, Darling Jim, you probably read the acknowledgments; I find myself doing this with books I love, it’s my way of trying to extend the experience.

The publishing site GalleyCat not only read the acknowledgments, but also discovered an interesting story lurking there; something that can bring an added dimension to book discussions — The Darling Jim Ending Americans Haven’t Seen

Darling Jim
Christian Moerk
Price: $25.00
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. – (2009-03-31)
ISBN-10: 0805089470
ISBN-13: 9780805089479

Tantor is releasing Darling Jim in audio this month, narrated by Stephen Hoye and Justine Eyre. The audio is also downloadable from OverDrive.

  • 9 Audio CDs (Library Binder Pkg)    EAN: 9781400141982 $55.99 

  • 1 Mp3-CD (Retail Slimline Pkg)        EAN: 9781400161980 $19.99
  • 9 Audio CDs (Retail Unikeep Pkg)    EAN: 9781400111985 $27.99

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