Kindle: Early Adopters Are Not the Young

Statistics on sales of the Kindle 2 are clothed in secrecy. Even this week, when Amazon reported 24% growth in profits, and credited the Kindle as part of that success, the company declined to give actual numbers. The Web site TechCrunch claims 300,000 have sold, based on information from an inside source. They also quote an analyst who estimates a total of 1 million will sell this year.

But the news that has the internet buzzing is an estimate of the demographics of Kindle users (based on 1,387 responses to Amazon Kindle Forum‘s “Average Kindle Owner’s Age” thread). 

Turns out the largest age group is 50 to 59, with the  40 to 49 groups a close second and the 60 to 69 group and even closer third.

For more on the stats, check the posting on the Kindle Culture blog: Kindle Demographics

The investment news site, 24/7 Wall analyzed an earlier take on stats, based on 700 responses to a CNet poll:  Amazon (AMZN) Kindle Users Are Old, Feeble

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