Britain Gets Its First Espresso Book Machine

Blackwell’s Bookshops have begun a three-month trial of the Espresso Book Machine that may lead to the largest installation of the machine to date. If successful, Blackwell will install the machines in their 6o stores.

The London press is buzzing about the machine, the first in Britain, which can print and bind a 300-page book in five minutes, including a full-color paper cover, from a database of 400,000 titles.

Blackwell’s CEO Andrew Hutchings, believes the machine can help bricks-and-mortar stores compete against online booksellers, who are currently unable to directly supply OP titles.


The Guardian, Revolutionary Espresso Book Machine launches in London, Alison Flood

Times of London, Espresso book machine delivers your paperback hot off the press, Valentine Low

Daily Telegraph, Crime and Punishment printed in nine minutes at Britain’s first “book vending machine,” Matthew Moore

Around the world, there are about a dozen locations with Espresso Book Machines. In the US, The University of Michigan, The New Orleans Public Library, Northshire Books, and The Internet Archive are all using the machine. Bringham Young University Bookstore is planning to add one this year.

Below is a demonstration of the machine at the University of Michigan:


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