Next-Gen eReaders

Three new dedicated eReaders are scheduled to hit the U.S. market at the end of this year or the beginning of next. The blog Fiction Matters compared them yesterday.

Below are live demos of the devices and links to their product pages:

Readius — billed as the “first pocket eReader,” it uses a flexible display that rolls into a trifold wallet-sized container. Wired reported this week that it is ready to launch but is stalled because of “funding difficulties.”


The txtr reader — the “next generation eInk Reader” is a German product (as will be evident if you watch the demo). It features a simpler interface and platform than those for the Kindle 2 or the Sony Reader. Release date: 3rd Q 2009.


Plastic Logic reader (no product name at this time) — “The largest and most minimal reader” uses touch screen technology, so there are no buttons. Release: Jan., 2010.

For a comparative roundup of seven devices, including the Kindle, Sony Reader and several devices only available in other countries (Fujitsu is releasing one with a color screen in Japan), go to Wired‘s E-Book Reader Roundup, 3/25/09.

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