‘Wetlands’ in the NYT BR

Get ready for the next in what seems to be an increasing number of European bestsellers with content offensive to squeamish Americans.

Just out is Wetlands (or, Feuchtgebiete in the original German). The title does not refer to damp areas of land; in this context, it refers to damp areas of the human, specifically female, body.

The book receives its first US consumer review in the NYT Book Review this Sunday (the NYT covered it last year, when it wrote about how the book was being received in its native country, Germany Abuzz at Racy Novel of Sex and Hygiene). The review, cleverly titled, Graphic Novel is far from positive.

Some libraries are showing heavy reserves on very light ordering.

Charlotte Roche
Price: $17.95
Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Grove Press – (2009-04-08)
ISBN-10: 0802118925
ISBN-13: 9780802118929

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