Judith Krug

Some wonderful obituaries are coming out about Judith Krug, Director of ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom, who died this week. My favorite tribute is this one:

Religious Right Censors’ Worst Nightmare: Why We’ll Miss Judith Krug

It ends with this great suggestion:

If you would like to honor her memory and annoy the Religious Right at the same time, I have the perfect suggestion: Read a banned book.

Reading the obits from the L.A. and NY Times may cause bouts of “what have I done with my life”:

NY TimesJudith Krug, Who Fought Ban on Books, Dies at 69

L.A. TimesJudith F. Krug dies at 69; advocate for librarians opposed censorship 

The repeated themes are “tireless” and “force of nature,” but one thing they don’t mention is the sparkle in her eyes. I remember seeing it we both went to the Association of American Publishers annual meetings, back in the days when they were held in lovely locales. With a naughty smile, she’d make it clear she intended to get full enjoyment out of whatever setting we were in.

Fittingly, her family has asked that  memorial contributions be made to The Freedom to Read Foundation, 50 East Huron, Chicago Illinois 60611.

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