Maslin Stands Alone

The NYT‘s reviewer, the one who is usually attuned to popular literature and not turned off by heavily-marketed books, Janet Maslin, took surprising umbrage with Columbine, by Dave Cullen, this week.

Other reviewers have a different take:

People, 4/20, gives it their highest rating, four of a possible four stars — “a riveting assessment… like Capote’s In Cold Blood, this tour de force gets below the who and what of a hoorrifying indicent to lay bare the devastating why.”

Entertainment Weekly, also gives it their highest rating, a solid “A,” “Dipping into this book was not something I looked forward to, and yet, from the very first page, I could not put Columbine, Dave Cullen’s searing narrative, down.”

Los Angeles Times, 4/3, David L. Ulin, Columbine, by Dave Cullen, “a book that hits you like a crime scene photo, a reminder of what journalism at its best is all about.”

The Daily Beast, 4/7,  The Secrets of Columbine , “a great piece of journalism, the likes of which we rarely see anymore.”

It’s currently at #64 on Amazon. I predict NYT bestseller status as of next week’s lists (it’s already on the Denver Post Nonfiction list a #7 and the  and the Indie Nonfiction list at #41).

Dave Cullen
Price: $26.99
Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: Twelve – (2009-04-06)
ISBN-10: 0446546933
ISBN-13: 9780446546935

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