Kindle: To lend, or not to lend?


Library Journal reports that the answer from Amazon on whether libraries can lend the Kindle is “ambiguous.” The terms of service can be interpreted either way and direct answers from the company are conflicting.

The Howe Library in Hanover, NH has chosen to interpret the answer as “yes” and is lending Kindles loaded with 13 titles. The library Kindle account is deactivated to prevent borrowers from adding more titles. Librarian Mary White sees the Kindle as a possible lower-cost alternative to interlibrary loans.

What other libraries are lending Kindles? Let us know and we’ll reward you with a hot new galley!

3 Responses to “Kindle: To lend, or not to lend?”

  1. Jamie Kallio Says:

    Hi! Thomas Ford Library in Western Springs plans to circulate a Kindle, but as mentioned in the article, we are finding the lending terms from Amazon a bit hazy. We already circulate ipod books to much success and are hoping the Kindle will be well received too. I think what the Howe Library in NH is doing with their Kindle sounds like a reasonable set of guidelines to start out with….

  2. Lisa S Says:

    Frank L. Weyenberg Library in Mequon, WI is has three Kindles circulating. They’re the first library to do so in Wisconsin.

  3. Gill Says:

    It’s not a public library, but the North Carolina State University (NCSU) library system has preloaded Kindles that can be checked out by students and faculty.