Twitter on ‘Columbine’

Just found a new use for Twitter; to find out what others, outside of the group ‘m following, are saying on a specific topic. Checking Twitter Search on  “Columbine,” I realized there’s a large group of people for whom it’s one of those defining, “where were you when…” moments — those who were in high school or junior high ten years ago. 

So there’s one answer to my earlier question, Who Wants to Read About Columbine?

One of the folks who took the galley of Dave Cullen’s Columbine (Twelve/Grand Central, 4/6/09) from my presentation last week pinpoints other audiences;

I have been reading the galley I took home from that ARRT program, and so far have found it to be a fascinating read. Huge appeal factors for people interested in true crime, and anyone curious about how the media obtains, communicates & fuels their stories. I also really respect the care and well-researched accountability with which he presents this story.

Anne Slaughter, Oak Park PL

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